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Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling

Life comes at us fast, and before we know it, we are struggling just to get by. We barely recognize ourselves and when we do catch a glimpse of recognition, it is a reminder of how “off” things really are. Do you feel underserving of happiness? Do you constantly put yourself last? The patterns keeping you stuck do not have to continue. We specialize in working with men and women who are struggling with emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties (unhealthy relationship patterns, recent break-ups, divorce), co-parenting, problems adjusting to major life changes and events, setting boundaries, stress management, and self-care. Reach out now to start the conversation and begin your healing journey. We can work together to address the following concerns:    · Low mood · Feelings of worthlessness · Low self-esteem · Guilt and shame · Difficulty concentrating and focusing · Feeling “keyed-up” or “on-edge” · Trouble sleeping · Recent and historical trauma · Social isolation and withdrawal from relationships · Grief and loss · Unhealthy coping patterns (i.e. substance abuse, overeating) · Suicidal thoughts  

Psychotherapy and Counseling for Men's Issues and Concerns

Despite the occurrence and severity of mental health concerns in men being about the same as for women, men are less likely to seek help due to cultural and societal stereotypes, such as pressures to “man-up and handle it.” Many men attempt to face these issues alone and are reluctant to burden family or friends with their problems. Men need a resource and an outlet outside their everyday routine. Establishing a trusting, therapeutic relationship with a nonjudgmental, unbiased, and experienced therapist can be the first step towards addressing and settling issues and problems that seem impossible to talk about with anyone else. Seeking and securing help can and will make for positive changes in your life and decrease your distress. Do not continue to suffer in silence. We can work together to reduce distress and resolve the following concerns: 

· Anxiety and Depression · Unwanted changes in behavior and emotions · Loss of interest in friends and activities · Emotional difficulties and problems expressing emotions · Problems with assertiveness · Difficulties with romantic partner · Divorce · Difficulties at work · Problems concentrating and maintaining focus · Sexual concerns and difficulties · Issues related to substance use and dependence · Issues related to sexual orientation and sexual identity  

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Psychotherapy and Counseling

At Full Circle, we are familiar with the issues and difficulties often faced by members of the LGBTQ community. We provide a warm, welcoming, and safe environment in which to process your thoughts and emotions as they relate to the unique struggles you are facing. We work with all members of the LGBTQ community, including high school and college students, to explore the following issues:   · Questioning sexual orientation or identity · “Coming out” and disclosure · Self-esteem · Depression · Anxiety · Romantic relationship issues · Loss of relationships · Bullying · Hate and discrimination · Substance abuse and dependence · Sexual issues       

Millennials and Young Adult Psychotherapy and Counseling

The world today creates substantial and robust challenges for all of us, young adults in particular. You have discovered the transition into adulthood to be a jarring, uncomfortable, and harrowing experience. Particularly in a society so influenced by the “perfection” social media often portrays. You may be wondering if you are the only one having problems, and that even worse, those problems may be too much to handle. Attending college or graduate school, entering the workforce, dealing with the challenges of living independently, and trying to determine your values and who you really are can be overwhelming. Having an experienced and trusted partner to help through this process can reduce distress, improve functioning, and ensure you live to your full potential and according to your own core values. The clinicians at Full Circle specialize in helping young adults with the following concerns and difficulties: · Transitioning from college to independent adulthood · Anxiety · Depression · Stress management · Relationship problems · Problems at work · Roles in relationships and boundary-setting · Unhealthy coping strategies · Substance abuse and dependence   

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